iCombat Pistol: Ultra Realism Now Standard!

  • iCombat Pistol

Are you ready to take your laser-tag business to the next level? Introducing, the iCombat Gaming Pistol!

Re-engineered and re-designed for gameplay, this pistol is the most realistic laser-tag pistol in the world. Adapted from the iCombat Professional Line, this is the same pistol used by law-enforcement organisations worldwide. Boasting an ultra-realistic design, the iCombat Gaming Pistol fits in the Glock 17 and 22 holsters.

Containing a lithium-ion battery, the Pistol will last a full day of Laser tag operation with minimal charging.

Just a few big features of the redesigned Gaming Pistol include:

  • An Ammo Accountable Magazine
  • Multiple settings to accommodate gameplay style
  • Replica Noise and Recoil

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